The countdown begins…

It’s officially 54 days til the Nike Women’s Classic. I’ve added a training log down there on the right to add a sense of accountability to my preparations. (Feel free to kick my ass if you think I’m slacking.) I’ve scheduled a session with a personal trainer on Monday. He’s supposed to be a running specialist so hopefully he’ll get me on track.


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  1. Have you decided 10K or 5K? It’s great that you have a trainer to help craft a plan.

  2. I think… *gulp*… 10K. Actually my real goal is the City to Surf race in August, which is 14K across the city. So the Nike Race is my major step in preparing for that.

  3. You’ll be fine! You have a plan (runners world research, past race training, and trainer), you have the dedication (past road races, running strides, weight loss, and weight lifting discipline all prove that), and you have the support (this site, local runners and gym rats, family and friends). You’re going to have a great race!

  4. I can’t back out now. I just registered!

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