So close!

SMH Radar Contest FinalistsIt’s not enough that I plaster the Snook all over my website… Now I’m getting him into print as well! Last week my coworker Mardi told me about a photo contest the Sydney Morning Herald Radar section was running. You were supposed to send in a “quintessential Sydney moment”, and the winner won a $900 camera phone. I forgot about it until right before the deadline so I decided to just send in a photo from my site. I went with Rodd and Amy eating cheese-on-a-stick at the Easter Show. To my surprise, the editor e-mailed me yesterday to let me know that I was a finalist. I ran to the newsagent this morning to buy the paper and check the results. Unfortunately, I didn’t win. They picked the “serious” picture of the homeless guy instead. Whatever. I still got the Snook in the paper!


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  1. Rodd is now even more famous!!

  2. Bah, what’s ‘quintessentially Sydney’ about a homeless person? You find them in every major metropolis. Not that I don’t feel for homeless people – I just think you were robbed! 🙂 Good one!

  3. I think Rodd’s beer should be called, erm.. Arnie’s Beer, as you know that when the person has tasted it they’ll say, “Ale be back!” (say in Arnie voice for maximum effect though it still doesn’t hide my rubbish jokes..hehe )

  4. That was a very cool photo, and you wus robbed of the top prize, maaaan. Fun is much better than “yo, serious issue here”.

  5. Thanks guys. I had thought of doing a “serious issues” photo myself, like juxtaposing a homeless person in the city with all the rich suits passing around them, but it’s just seemed like a cliché, you know? And melty cheese always gives folks a smile. 🙂

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