SMH redesigns

The Sydney Morning Herald website has a new design… and I’m not sure I like it. It’s just way too wide, and there just seems to be too much going on horizontally with all those columns. I like the addition of the search box though, and the navigation redesign makes much more sense. (Though it doesn’t seem to be completely finished. I was happy to see that Column 8 and Spike have been moved out from under the National section – which never made any sense to me – but if you go to either section, the breadcrumb trail on top still thinks that’s where they are. Weird.)


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  1. Yeah, the Age has also adopted the same new design and it looks completely messed up on Explorer for Mac 🙁

  2. Yeah, SMH looked funny using Mozilla too, with images way down the bottom of the page.

    I had to spend a few seconds looking for the text version too – that link moved.

  3. I’m just annoyed because in order to see anything, I have to surf with my browser window completely maximised. As I have a huge monitor at home (but my iBook only runs it at 1028), that means the damn site practically ends up larger than the printed paper.

  4. I don’t like the 3 column thing going on. The page is just too busy.

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