The 50 Best Restaurants in the World

The 50 Best Restaurants in the World. Sydney made the list twice! Rockpool’s at #29 and Tetsuya’s at #13. We dined at Rockpool two years ago and it was the best meal of my life. Now I’m thinking Tetsuya’s might be in order for the Snook’s birthday in June…


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  1. You would be very lucky to get in. Bookings need to be made around 6 months in advance. If you can get in I’m coming. Go for the 12 dish tasting menu at around $120 each. Good lord it sounds so good and I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews for this place!

    P.S. Wakada Tetsuya has never been formally trained as a chef. He started as a kitchen hand when he arrived in Sydney and is now this towns top chef.

  2. I read some reviews of the place last night and it sounds intimidating! Now I’m a little nervous. I’m all for new experiences, but some of his dishes sound a little adventurous for my palate…

  3. DUDE, we’re booked! I just gave them a call. For a Friday or Saturday night, they’re full up through June… but we’re all good for Snookums’s birthday on July 30! Table for 4, 10-course degustation menu for $175 each. You guys in?

  4. DON’T TEMPT ME!!!!! I have to find out from the wife…

  5. Tell her it’s for your, like, four-month anniversary. Or something. 🙂

  6. I *heart* Tetsuya’s! we went to his old place for dinner a couple of times, but the this place he’s at now is meant to be AMAZING! You have to try some of his fish dishes (I know, I know but try them anyway)

  7. I’ve already decided that if I’m going to spend $200 on dinner, I’m going to try every damn thing the man sets in front of me. So no worries there! 🙂

    (If Major backs out on this dinner, you and Rob are welcome to fill their spot!)

  8. *JULY!*

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