Daniel-san shower costume

I was giggling over this great Karate Kid Shower Costume for quite a while before I realized that the creator is a fellow Domer. Huh. Small world.


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  1. dan apparently built himself a similar costume two halloweens ago out of pvc pipes and an old shower curtain…he wore it out to a bar and thought he would be the big hit of the night. expecting all the ladies to want a HOT SHOWER behind his little curtain, he instead spent much of the night bumping into people, knocking their drinks over and getting pushed around! everybody was really pissed off.

  2. I can’t wait to meet this guy…

  3. Hey! That wasn’t me 2 years ago! Two years ago I went to Lafayette wearing a Batman t-shirt. Kris, my address is on my site. I’m not too far from ND nowadays…

  4. Hee! Little confusion there. The “Dan” my sister Amy is referring to is her fiance, who I’ve yet to meet, NOT the Dan of whoisdan.com. 🙂

    Unfortunately not-fiance-Dan, I am pretty far from ND these days… opposite side of the world, in fact. I see that you’re pretty much located in the heart of “Notre Dame West” (i.e. Chi-town). I’ve got a couple friends there in/around Wrigleyville. Meet up with many other Domers? I know Pat McDonald, Kelly McMahon, Greg Leonberger, a few others.

  5. I’m sure you weren’t expecting me to comment, and I wasn’t expecting anyone’s fiance to be named Dan. Nonetheless, I was confused as crap.

    Yeah, I was kidding about the address thing. I read that you are in Australia before I posted. But yeah, I’m in the middle of NotreWest, how dull. I don’t know any of your friends. I am obviously way too cool.

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