Sports Med 101
It’s three weeks to the race… and I’ve hurt myself. I had a good run Saturday on the treadmill, doing 6km at my target pace. I felt great that night. (Of course, I did have a wee bit to drink.) At no time – either during the run or later when we went out – did I twist or roll my ankle. Yet somehow when I woke up Sunday, my left ankle was a bit stiff and sore. It’s gotten progressively worse from walking on it. Today I wince every time I take a step. What’s going on? I was hoping it was just some stiffness I’d be able to work through, but now I’m guessing it’s probably an injury that needs rest. How long should I stay off it? Are there any exercises I can do to keep up my training in these last few weeks?

Update: It seems to be getting better. It never swelled up or anything, just ached a bit. I’m thinking I just pushed myself too hard. A few days rest and we seem to be back to normal.