Round the World CardiganDaggiest. Cardigan. EVER.
So today we were in recovery mode from Major’s birthday party yesterday, which also saw us break the wedding news to the Snook’s college buddies. (Hence, lots of drinking and merrymaking.) Despite my fuzzy-headedness I managed to get a lot of knitting done this afternoon. I finished another ball on my main project so I granted myself some reward time on my side project: the Round-the-World Cardigan. It’s my first intarsia project and I’m having a lot of fun with it. Today I finished off the top of South America and most of the Caribbean. The pattern is from a totally daggy 80’s knitting book that Mrs. Morris (who owns the shop) lent me. I love it! I’m using Nova Super Chunky and it’s surprisingly soft and touchable for having so much acrylic in it. (It was the only thing thick enough to get gauge that had the necessary colors.) Hopefully I’ll have it finished before I go home in two months so I can show it off!