The man who stole Jimi Hendrix’s hair.

Snookums's FroReal Embarrassing Photos: The Man Who Stole Jimi Hendrix’s Hair
I was going through some old pictures the other day when I came across this absolute gem. Yes, folks, that is the Snook. In college he had big hair, a dodgy goatee, and – what’s more amazing to me – he actually wore blue jeans! Who is this person? It blows my mind. I’m putting this out there for anybody wondering if I know what I’m getting into with this whole marriage-thing. Oh yes, you betcher ass I do. I figure a guy who can laugh at his former self – and give permission for the world to laugh along with him – is a real keeper. Click here for some better views of the ‘fro in all its glory.

And yeah, I turned up some doozies of me. Stay tuned…Snookums and his 'Fro


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  1. Oh Rodd, I can’t believe you let her post these. Would you like of few of her…maybe in Wonder Women Underroos…

  2. Heh. My brother is sporting a similar ‘do right now. We call him Flock of Seagulls, which , of course, pisses him off. A LOT. 😉

  3. Nice do, dude! But more importantly, who is the chick?

  4. aw, I thought I was diggin’ up some dirt…..She’s cute anyway. She reminds me of my Sis-in-law (aka rubber nun)

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