Australians all let us rejoice…

Australians all, let us rejoice!
So, Amy and Rob are citizens of Australia now! Actually they’re dual American-Australians, which is what I hope to be in about eighteen months. Their ceremony was held in Mosman and I went along to celebrate with them. They basically just had to pledge allegiance and then they got a certificate and a native plant. Pretty sweet! There was a sour edge to the evening for me, though, in the form of a famous visitor in the midst: Tony Abbott! (He’s the Leader of the House and the Federal Minister for Health and Aging. He’s also a raging conservative asshole.) Didn’t he just get out of the hospital for kidney stones yesterday? And here he was, four days before a national election, spending the evening in front of a group of people who weren’t even eligible to vote for him! His speech afterwards was polished but uninspiring, I have to say. (When he started talking about Australia’s “freedom” I half-expected him to congratulate the new citizens on becoming part of the Coalition of the Willing.) You’ll be proud to note that after a short internal battle, I managed to resist the urge to question him about the Pauline Hanson slush fund and kick him in the nuts. Man, I’ll never have another chance like that again…

And I just realized that I spelled his name wrong on the photo, but I don’t really care.

Amy, Rob, and Tony Freakin' Abbot!


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  1. Yup, were ‘dulies’ just like the trucks.

    And Tony is a bit of a wanker. I don’t know if you could see from where you were sitting last night but I did notice that he doesn’t wear a wedding ring. Is he married?

    Thanks again for coming last night. I just had a KK for brekkie.

  2. oh, another thing, did you like how that had the words to the anthem on the overhead? I can’t see them doing something like that in the US, can you? I had a giggle over that.

  3. Ugh. He is such a nasty and repulsive man. Too bad you missed out on kicking him in the nuts – would have been very satisfying.

  4. Tony Abbott! Don’t they WANT people to become citizens? He’s the worst advertisement for Australia this side of Steve Irwin.

  5. didn’t he also have to reveal that despite his espousing family values and marriage blah blah blah that he had a child put up for adoption when he was in uni?
    plus his mysterious memory loss on dateline about his meeting with george pell.
    you should have resisted the urge to resist the urge!

  6. Most born-here aussies don’t know the words to the anthem- they put them on the overhead so Tony Abbott can sing along too!

  7. I think it’s safe to say had you kicked him in the nuts, you would now have a very tought time with that citizenship thing.

  8. You’re so right. Hmmm, maybe I should’ve had Amy or Rob kick him in the nuts! 🙂

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