REM Album Review

Kevin’s posted an excellent review of REM’s new album. He makes it sound pretty downbeat. Crud. My fandom has really never recovered from shelling out for the “deluxe” CD edition of Up only to discover that I couldn’t tell when one depressing song ended and another depressing song began. (Not to mention the fact that it was advertised as coming with a “poster” which actually consisted of the pages of the lyrics booklet, which you were supposed to disassemble and tape together or something.) I didn’t even bother getting the Greatest Hits CD, though I suppose I will if I decide to get the new album. My obsessive-compulsiveness wouldn’t be able to stand having a hole in the chronology of my REM catalog…


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  1. If you want a second opinion, Chris at Do You Feel Loved? (always worth reading) has also posted a lengthy review.

  2. i read in the west this morning that it was like new adventures in hifi, which is actually one of my favourite albums. not the happiest, certainly.

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