Australian Idol

Oh, but before I forget, wasn’t Australian Idol such a shocker tonight!? I can’t believe Ricki-Lee is gone. I had picked her to win. She was my second favorite after Marty (who I voted for and thus can claim to have saved this week). I really, really thought it would be Chanel. The Snook and I were cooking dinner and I was like, “Man, the hippies are having it rough! First Latham and now Chanel.” And then two minutes later the verdict was announced and immediately Amy rang – for the second time during the show – and we were both like, “Oh. My. God!” Why can’t Hayley be gone already? How much money can I afford to keep Marty in the competition? And is this thing now firmly within Anthony’s hands? And holy crap, are we going to leave before this thing is finished??

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  1. I thought it would be Chanel too. oh, and thanks for keeping Marty in there. I like him too.

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