Good Things:
– We finally got our television fixed, and it cost way less than we expected! Turns out that the explosion was just from the power supply, not the picture tube as we’d feared.

– My computer is finally on its way! I can’t wait to get it.

– My laptop is fixed! Adrian at AppleCentre Broadway really came through for me. The monitor’s been replaced and a new 40GB hard drive is installed. I can’t believe I now have two computers! That’s more than the Snook!

– I found my Halloween costume! God bless The Costume Shop. (And God damn ABC Costumes, none of whose dresses would even go over my arms. As Snookums later consoled me: “That’s because they were all made for drug-addled NIDA skanks.”) Now I just have to figure out how to duct-tape my boobs up near my chin.