Good Things:

  • We got back to our room Saturday night to discover a bottle of champagne and a huge gift basket from my PW girls! It was awesome. Thanks so much to Kel, Eileen, Liz, and Crawfy.
  • Helen sent us a bunch of CouchCam pictures of Dr. Amy Jones playing. We miss her!
  • The Sydney Airport lady e-mailed to say that she had the hat and she’s sending it on. Sweeeet.
  • Ed McMahon was on our flight home! He’s really, really old and scary now.

Bad Things:

  • Vegas got really cold and windy Saturday night. They cancelled the “Sirens of Titan” show so we didn’t get to see it.
  • The weather got worse today and it rained and rained. Our flight home got delayed four hours. I’d had a great time in Vegas but damn I was glad to finally get on the plane.

I’m off to bed. Tomorrow’s another travelling day as everybody makes their way to Indiana for the Wedding of the Century. ‘Night, folks!