Apologies for not blogging much lately (and not putting up our trip photos), but I’m absolutely knackered. I came back from holiday and jumped right into a Hell Week at work. We have officially moved Tapestry Craft to its new location at 50 York Street. It’s only about ten doors down the road, but sheesh, do you know how many products we have? Like 30,000. Oh, and we already sent out cards telling all the customers we were opening this Saturday. The move itself would have been difficult enough without the additional problems of the new shop not being, you know, completed. I felt like ass from my cold but it really was an “all hands on deck” situation, so I worked pretty much ’round the clock. Friday night was a haze of painting, cleaning, carrying, and stacking. I staggered home at 3:30 am for a couple hours sleep before our opening at 9. It was, to put it mildly, a disaster. The stairs between the two floors weren’t even done, which meant that customers who wanted to visit the knitting section had to walk all the way around the block to the back door. The computers weren’t set up (which meant we couldn’t look up any prices) and the cash drawers weren’t connected (which meant we were making change for customers out of our pockets). We also seriously underestimated how many rubberneckers would show up on the first day so we were pretty busy the whole time. At least it made the hours fly by. I couldn’t even go to sleep when I got home; I’d already agreed to go to a friend’s for dinner. By the time I hit the sack last night, I was practically a zombie.

So yeah, that’s why I haven’t been posting. I’ll be recovered soon.