Questions Frequently Asked About TiVo…

Questions Frequently Asked About TiVo, Answered by Someone Who Loves TiVo Too Much.” Heh. Of course, our own system isn’t an actual TiVo, but it’s changed our lives nonetheless. I haven’t watched live television in probably a month. I’ve discovered some great shows that are only on at truly absurd hours of the night. I worry when the hard drive starts to fill up and badger the Snook to get our second capture card hooked up (which, of course, will only exacerbate the problem). I wonder if we should get cable TV. (We shouldn’t. Australian live TV is actually pretty damn good, especially with the networks importing all the best US shows.) I feel embarrassment when I realize that everyone who visits my blog knows that I recorded Dancing With the Stars. Like I said, it’s a life-changer.


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  1. It’s funny… I find that I spend more time watching educational television now. There are so many cool programs on TLC, Discovery, and all 10 of the History Channels that I missed before because I was too busy watching the Big 5 and their crappy drama/comedy/reality shows. I record all the “good” stuff in the background, and watch it when I have time to sit down and concentrate on it and appreciate it. Also, pausing live TV, or rewinding live TV is kickass. Great during sports events and football games. Totally changes the way you watch TV.

    I find that I need more than 2 Tivo channels, though. Four would be nice. That way I can record on 2 or 3 of the feeds (Wednesday nights are a good example of why this would be helpful, as Smallville and Lost come on at the same time, and ties up both channels. Luckily I discovered I have the LA WB feed, too, and have since been able to move my Smallville timer forward and hour) and watch whatever else I want on the other. That would require TWO DVRs and TWO “super” satellite dishes in my front yard. I don’t want to look like the lazy rich bastard in the neighborhood. Heh.

  2. I too am watching waaaay more documentaries and “educational” stuff now. Aussie TV also seems to play great classic movies at weird hours of the night, so we get to catch up on those too. I find that with the prime time stuff, I’ll usually grab just one episode to see if I like it, and more often than not I don’t.

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