Glasses up or down?

I was just reading this AskMetaFilter thread about whether you store your drinking glasses rightside-up or upside-down, and I thought to myself, “Well, of course I store mine upside-down, as my Mom always did and as any right-minded person would.” And then I had this weird momentary freakout where I thought maybe that was wrong, and that the Snook has surreptitiously been re-programming me to put them rightside-up, and I had to actually go to the kitchen and check to see if I was right. They’re upside-down. Whew.


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  1. Typo alert – Work is the curse of the drinking classes!

  2. I was an upside-down person. Then I met Amy, a right side up person. So now our glasses are right side up.

  3. Right-side up here. Was there a right answer?

  4. I also go right-side up, but either way is fine with me. What really bugs me is if someone hangs the toilet paper roll the opposite way than I do.

  5. I do upside-down for this reason – if you store them right-side-up, dust can settle in them and then you’re going to be drinking it. With the upside-down approach, there’s no dust. Caveat: If your glasses are still a little wet (i.e. just came out of the dishwasher), THEN it’s gross to do the upside-down b/c the water will be trapped inside them and then nast! Right?

  6. I store em sideways 🙂

  7. That’s exactly my reasoning, Kel. But I think the rightside-up folks are more worried about putting their mouth on the rim that’s been sitting in roach poo, or whatever. Suddenly I have the urge to wipe down all the cupboards and install Contact Paper liners…

  8. I thought I recently read some new theory (did Max link it?) that by storing glasses upside down, they are filled with the bad chemicals from the particle board and liner paper in your cabinets.

    For the glasses I use the most (which are pub glasses, mostly bought or “earned”), I alternate so that more fit in the shelf.

    I’m with Eileen, through: the toilet paper is what really matters.

  9. Ahh, I never thought of that concern with the poo and whatnot. I usually rinse glasses that I haven’t used in awhile out anyway, so maybe I should start with the rightside-up approach. Thanks for makin’ me paranoid w/ this thread!

    Hey – did you ever get the Arrested Development DVDs?

  10. Yes! Sorry, meant to tell you but forgot in all the reception craziness. Thank you so much! And I love your stationery… 🙂

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