Dammit. After working so well, my comment spam tactics seem to be getting less effective. Some jerk managed to slip several through the cracks today. They’ve figured out the link limit. Crap. Now I need a new idea.


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  1. There’s a “keystrokes” plug in for Movable Type that basically looks to be a simple Javascript under the hood…can you implement the plug in within your stuff?

  2. I’ve had a look at it, Jason, and we may be able to do something with that. As written, it looks like it just checks for keystrokes and then writes a variable to a hidden form field. It would be completely trivial for a hacker to look at your site, though, and just add the additional field to the query they’re sending. So I don’t think it would work for very long. The Snook thinks there may be a different way to use it, though, involving some sort of “hash” or something. I’ll post if it works out.

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