Wonka Thoughts

Since Kevin asked, I just checked out the new Charlie the Chocolate Factory TV spot. Hmm. Okay, first the positives: They put back the squirrels! I’m really, really happy about that. I always thought the “geese-laying-golden-eggs” was stupid. And though the boat looked weird to me at first, the shot of it from above with all the Oompa-Loompas at the oars really reminded me of the original Joseph Schindelman illlustration. The bad: As Kevin said, Johnny Depp really does seem to be trying to channel a 13-year-old boy here. I don’t think that’s a good thing. We already had Gene Wilder as the literary-quote-spouting Wonka, and now we’ve got Depp as the let’s-boogie Wonka… neither of which seem very faithful to the book. I’m withholding final judgement til I can see the whole film together.


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  1. Johnny Depp can’t be that weird all the way through…um, can he?

  2. He also doesn’t seem very British, does he? No Englishman, no matter how eccentric, would say “Ew” like he’s Summer from The O.C.

  3. Look at the movie trailer if you can, it has the most annoying theme song! A couple of people were playing it at school last week when I was trying to do an assignment. It looks as if it might be okay, but I’l wait till it comes out.

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