Keratosis Pilaris

I just discovered that I’ve been suffering from Keratosis Pilaris my whole life! Well, I knew I was suffering from something, but I didn’t know what it was called. My brother’s got it too. I think I’ve been growing out of it, slowly, but it’s not completely gone yet. Damn bumpy arms!


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  1. i thought i told you about this a while back…i got it too! 🙂 i tried amlactin (i think it’s ammonium lactate?) and something else that had “lact” in it. you have to put it on right after some good old exfolitating in the shower, it doesn’t smell the greatest, but it does help. i’ve also read retin-a might do the trick? huh. i only end up worrying about it in the summer when i’m not wearing sleeves. (and it’s usually worse in the winter and harder to fight.)

  2. Hmm, I had some weird feeling that maybe I had heard of this before but I couldn’t remember where. That must’ve been it. I didn’t realize you had it! I thought you got the smoothy smooth Korean arms.

  3. Jeannie and Kurt have it too. Does Rodd? I don’t remember him saying so but then he wouldn’t would he?

  4. Good grief. So if we ever reproduce, the sprog will have it on both sides of the family? It’d look like a plucked chicken! 🙂

  5. Ray doesn’t have it and neither do I so don’t worry “it?” may have the beautiful smooth skin that I’ve always seen you sporting….your case must be very mild because the first thing that anybody would notice about you is your beautiful skin.

  6. Bev, you are totally angling for Mother-In-Law-Of-The-Year with that comment! 🙂

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