Celebrity Rock ‘N’ Bowl??

Congratulations to my sister Amy, who helped organize the extremely successful Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Inaugural Celebrity Rock ‘N Bowl Event. The auction she put together raised $20,000 more than expected! Check out the pictures to see the celebrities that took place. All I can say is, if a member of my own family was in the same room as Ben Mackenzie from The O.C. and DIDN’T GET ME AND THE SNOOK AN AUTOGRAPH, she can consider herself OFFICIALLY UNINVITED TO ALL OF AUSTRALIA. Ahem. But congrats again, Sis!


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  1. i’ll explain in more details later how i left my post in the silent auction to sneak into the VIP suite just so i could look at him. i located his whereabouts in just a few seconds w/ my peripheral vision, but couldn’t muster up the courage to actually LOOK IN HIS DIRECTION. when i finally did, i was surprised to see how CUTE he is in person! you know how he looks a little dodgy on the show, and just maaaybe more like he’s 37 years old than 17? not so much in person! needless to say he is my new favorite actor on the show (bye bye seth! see ya, julie cooper!) since he’s the only damn one of them who bothered to show up. i love my bad boy from chino! dan wanted to challenge him to a game of pool to take me to the school dance.

  2. just realized you probably hadn’t seen the episode i just referenced in the last sentence. sorry!

  3. No, we’ve seen it. Rodd’s been downloading them so we’re all caught up to you guys. 🙂

    I’m glad to hear he’s cute! He does kinda look 37 on the show.

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