We had little impromptu Aussie craft-blogger meet-up today at Amy‘s place to watch some episodes of Craft Corner Death Match. Joining us were Katherine, Helen, and Clinton. I wasn’t hugely impressed with the show, to be honest. I can see where they were going with the concept, but it’s got a few big problems for me:

  • The Host. He sucks! He just gave off this whole “Man Show” vibe that we all seemed to resent. I get that they were going with the whole “Rarr! Wrestling meets craft!” thing, but some of his jibes seemed bordering on the misgynistic and insulting. I don’t think he considered anything the contestants made useful or beautiful. It was a big joke to him. I kept waiting for him to tell the contestants to “make me some pie, bitches.” And the bit where they had to reach into his pants pockets to pull out categories? REALLY unnecessary.
  • The time limit. Ten minutes isn’t enough time to do anything. We also didn’t get to see very much of the contestants actually working either. The show either needs to expand to an hour or cut some of the (admittedly humorous) interstitial crap.
  • The judges. What’s with giving scores to two decimal points? That’s just silly. Some of them seemed rather petty and vindictive to the contestants too. I understand that everybody wants to be the next Simon Cowell, but it’s just not very pleasant to watch.

So overall, I give the show 7.35 on originality, 4.46 on execution, and only a 6.329 on enjoyment. We had a lot more fun watching the fabulous Brini Maxwell afterwards…