Beware of the cliff.

Beware of the cliff

Web-Goddess Goes Bush.
Today the Snook and I joined Amy and Rob for a trip to the Blue Mountains. Our first destination was the Three Sisters in Katoomba, as I’d never seen them. Then we did a little window-shopping and had lunch. Finally, off to do some real Aussie bush-walking. Our chosen path was the Grand Canyon Track which is 5 kilometers down into a sub-tropical canyon. We climbed down rocks and slithered under overhangs and splashed across streams, all with a minimum of hand-holds (and none of the accompanying legal waivers you’d expect in a similar American setting). I did fairly well; I only slipped a few times and I didn’t take any tumbles. My difficulties only began when we had to start climbing out again at the other end. That’s when carrying the extra weight really catches up with you. I felt like I was climbing the Endless Stair of Mordor. I was sweaty, tired, and puffing like a freight train. Finally I made it out. The guidebook says it’s a 3.5 hour walk; we did it in 3 flat. Kickass. We’re going to do it again in six months and see if we improve. More pictures tomorrow (assuming my legs function well enough to get me out of bed).

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  1. dude, I am so stiff tonight!

  2. The Snook can barely walk!

  3. I’m so proud of you Kris. Keep up the fantastic job.

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