Bush Walk Photos

A few more photos from Monday’s bush walk. The first is me with the legendary “Three Sisters” rock formation (which I had previously only seen in its cross-stitch and tapestry incarnations). Next is Amy taking a picture of Rob as he poses proudly with his new car, which has just gotten ACTUAL DIRT on it for the first time. And lastly is the Snook, taking care not to hit his head as he scurries beneath a canyon overhang.

Me and the Three Sisters     Amy, Rob, and the car     Snookums


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  1. And no, I’m not constipated. I just forgot my sunnies and the sun was in my eyes.

  2. Love the hair color!

  3. Looks absolutely awesome out there. My fiance and I have been discussing honeymoons. +1 for Australia.

  4. the hair does look wicked cool. and so does the scenery.

  5. Definitely consider us, Jason. This landscape was less than two hours’ drive outside Sydney. You can do a lot around here… (Not to mention get taken to dinner by your old LHS buddy!)

    And you guys already saw the hair when I originally did it a couple weeks ago, right? It faded within a month – it’s only semi-permanent – so I had it redone two weeks ago. I love it in its crazy dark stage. It fades the most on the ends where I had it permanently dyed before, so hopefully as it grows out it will stay red longer each time.

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