There’s a hole in the Internet.
Where can one find truly local news online? Yesterday when I left work, there was a big commotion up at Home Yardage. Albert and I stood in the street trying to see what was happening. “I think somebody’s under a bus,” a guy said. Whoa. Somebody got hit by a bus? Our stretch of York Street is pretty bad for pedestrians, what with the cars (and often delivery vans) parked along both sides and only one cross-walk in the middle of the block. As we drove to our squash lesson we were passed by numerous police cars and an ambulance. Here’s the thing though: I can’t find one single word about the accident online. Not a thing. I want to know what happened! The ABC doesn’t seem to have local Sydney news, only regional stuff for the country. The Sydney Morning Herald doesn’t have it; neither does News. The Transport Infoline sure as hell doesn’t have anything about it. So where can you hear truly local news in the city? Isn’t there even a police blotter? Or is this just something you can’t get in metropolitan areas?