Not that I’m watching or – *cough* – voting or anything… but how awesome was it that SuperTart Gianna got evicted on Big Brother tonight? I loved that they edited together all her INSANE bragging into one hilarious montage. She’s so Mrs. Elton, all “Well, I don’t talk about myself because I’m not conceited, but my friends would tell you that I’m a black belt in taikwando and I’m a supermodel and I designed an airport one time.” The Snook thinks she’s a pathological liar. I just think she’s a pathetically insecure moral hypocrite who sees nothing wrong with smugly judging others for drinking while flouncing about the house in a nurse’s outfit – and by the way, who brings a NURSE’S OUTFIT in the BB house? – pole dancing and all, “Oops! I forgot to wear panties tonight!” I mean, REALLY.