More trouble with Apple Australia
Yesterday was exactly three weeks since I was promised a replacement iMac G5. Unfortunately upon contacting the company, it seems they’re still dicking me around. It’s going to be yet another week. That makes more than TWO MONTHS that the machine’s been sitting dead on my desk. To rub even more salt in the wound, they’re now telling me that data recovery isn’t covered by the warranty and I’ll have to pay for that myself. Granted, I have 90% of it backed up (from the last time the damn machine broke down, which was a mere four months ago), so it isn’t a huge loss, but there were a few dozen new photos that I’d be upset to lose. I just wrote a fairly scathing reply back stating that I’d be filing formal complaints all over the place and it seems like them covering the costs of recovery is the least they could do. Otherwise it looks like the Snook and I will have to shell out a hundred bucks for a Firewire hard drive enclosure, pry the drive out of the machine, and see if we can back it up ourselves. Bastards.

Update: I just filed an official complaint with the Office of Fair Trading.