I used to be all worried about the new Bridget Jones movie, because I really liked the book and I really hated Renee Zellweger. But based on the possible movie poster, I’d have to say things are looking good. She’s even wearing my boots! And that business about Harper’s Bazaar kicking her off the cover for being too fat both pleases and annoys me. It pleases me because apparently little Renee is embracing Bridget’s weight-loss battle, and it annoys me because a stupid magazine can’t see fit to put a woman “10 pounds overweight” on the cover. A lot of people wrote off Bridget Jones as vacuous, but the truth is I’d rather associate myself with that kind of feminism than what passes for it in popular culture. (Dear Lord, did I just DEFEND Renee Zellweger? What’s next, an ode to Jewel??)