moblogged imageQuizno’s
Just waiting for our FREE SUBS! Austin Powers just walked by hissing at some Subway customers. No, really.


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  1. i was going to go. glad i didn’t :p

  2. It was pretty nuts. We got there at noon and by 12:30 the line was all the way out to George Street. The subs were decent though. We only had a few choices, so I got the Turkey Ranch and Swiss, while the Snook had the Mesquite Chicken. (Note: After all the ranch discussion lately, I was amused to see Quizno’s slathering it on both of our sandwiches. The ranch takeover of Australia has begun!)

    And they really did have an Austin Powers impersonator “entertaining” the crowd. We didn’t get it. As Rodd put it, it’s like the guy went to the costume shop and said, “Give me whatever you’ve got on special today.” We just couldn’t see any tie-in there.

  3. RANCH!!!! WHOO-HOO!!!

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