Dream Log: (I stole this idea completely from brigita.) I dreamt I was home in the U.S. and just about to return to London. My sister was coming with me too, for a visit or something. We were getting a ride to the airport (on a Greyhound or something?) when I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t packed. So I ran back into the house and finished throwing stuff into my bag. By the time I got outside again, my sister was gone. (This parallels an actual incident in life where she got on the school bus and let it leave without me.) So I jumped in the car and prepared to drive to Chicago when I looked at my watch and realized it was 6:15 and I’d never make it for my flight at 7:00. Mom suggested I go to South Bend instead and then catch a flight to Chicago. I agreed, but I didn’t want to park in the longterm lot. So reluctantly Mom agreed to drive me. As we were pulling out of the driveway, I was on my cellphone trying to get a flight that would get me there in time. As I was double-checking my tickets, I discovered that my Chicago flight didn’t leave til 8:00. Relieved… I woke up.