Easy Rider

moblogged imageEasy Rider
Driving on the M4 towards Katoomba. No accidents yet!


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  1. Maybe if you look at the road you will continue to not have accidents!!

  2. You look so cute! Does this mean you guys are possibly thinking about buying a car????

  3. wait! you’re on the wrong side of the caaaaaaaa….(smash, crunch, hubcap rolling)

  4. I’m happy to report that I didn’t drive on the wrong side of the road at all, though there were one or two intersections where Rodd had to remind me which lane I was aiming for. And though I’ve mostly trained myself out of the turn signal problem, I still automatically do it when I’m changing lanes. I check my blind spot and then my left hand just automatically goes to the lever. That’ll take some work.

    (No plans to get a car yet, but we’re loving our little rental Corolla. Maybe…)

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