Physics Quiz

How smart are you at Physics? Oh my gosh, that was EMBARRASSING. I technically scored 6/10 correct, but really I only earned four of those. (I only got the wire colours right because of the fun mnemonic in this AskMetafilter question that I happened to read over breakfast, and as I was working through the last one my co-worker leaned over my shoulder and pointed out the correct answer.) They should rescind my AP credits.


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  1. 7/10 – I object to the wire colour question as having anything to do with Physics and how should a Yank know? (yeah, got that one wrong – the others were the smoke detector and the wave questions)

  2. 4/10. Never did like that class.

  3. 5/10 We took the class together in high school, didn’t we Kris? Doesn’t speak much for Mr. Reagan’s Physics class. However, in college I took a physics class called The Physics of Toys. It was very cool.

  4. 5/10 too. Physics of Toys? Sounds brilliant.

  5. 5/10. I can’t believe I got the planets question wrong- I need to brush up on my solar system!

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