Go Irish!

Rumors are flyin’ in the lead-up to this weekend’s ND vs USC game. Bon Jovi at the pep rally? That’s nuts. Okay, so the game is in South Bend at 3:30pm, right? That makes it Sunday morning at 6:30am here. Ouch. The question is, how can I watch/listen/follow along to the game? Even if I could find a sports bar that broadcast American football games, I doubt any would be open then. Does anyone know of a radio stream online?


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  1. Not sure if they work, but you might want to try here: Nd media links.

  2. Actually my schedule shows the game starting at 2:30pm. Maybe mine is wrong or you read something that I didn’t read.

  3. Huh. I got that time off ESPN’s site, so I assumed it was relative to South Bend. I should double-check.

  4. I think the game is at 3:30 eastern…so let’s see, we haven’t changed the clocks back yet which makes it…uh, 2:30 at ND. At least I think that’s how it is. I had it down when I was a student but now it confuses me every time.

  5. You can hear ND games on WLS-AM (a chicago radio station):

  6. Once again, Nat, you came through with exactly what I wanted! That’s brilliant… I’ll be listening along Sunday morning!

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