Pick my hair.

New Poll: Hey, I haven’t done one of these in ages! My hair has faded to a disgusting pink so it’s time to visit the hairdresser again. I’m getting that itchy feeling though, that maybe it’s time to change it up again. What do you think? Vote down there on the right.


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  1. Jet black or blue/black!

  2. Do you understand just how KOREAN I would look with black hair??


  4. Yeah don’t do black.. It *would* make you look really Korean, which is totally not a bad thing, but it just won’t be very dramatic. It’ll also be a bitch to get out and go back to blonde if you ever wanted to. I vote for the purple.. Woohoo purple!

  5. I tried to vote twice for something “a little more mature” – I realize that by fessing up to this, you will most likely go to the opposite extreme and do the purple…

    So for whatever it’s worth, my true opinion is that you should try an auburn…or maybe a…CHESTNUT with blond (pretty and subtle, not like slutty and chunky) highlights. Mature doesn’t have to be plain or boring!

    But what do I know…my hairdresser looks like Edward Scissorhands cut her hair, and yet I keep going back. Last time I was given “concave layers.”


    It actually ended up halfway decent, though!

  6. Grandma V says blond. Aim..I tried to vote twice yesterday also…ha ha

  7. HA! I knew you guys were doing that! My co-worker was like, “Wow, everybody wants you to be more mature” and I said, “It’s probably just members of my familiy voting multiple times.” 🙂

  8. I love the red but I also liked the blonde streaks that you had.
    Does more mature simply mean easier to maintain? Mature has that dreaded ‘matronly’ connotation for me.
    Black is too popular!…dare to be different Kris.
    Your skin would let you have any colour and still look good.

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