Pep Rally

Got up just in time this morning to catch the end of the Pep Rally live on the Internet. Of course, the crappy Windows Media Stream doesn’t like my computer so I don’t have any sound, but it was so cool to suddenly recognize that everyone was moving their arms in sync and to have the 1812 Overture start playing in my head. I haven’t seen any of the rumoured famous people yet. Are they there and I just can’t see them? (Mom’s apparently at the stadium right now so I’m hoping she’ll provide some pictures.)

Update: I just called Mom on her cell as they were leaving the stadium. Oh, so the fat guy was Rudy! I did not get that.


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  1. The local newspaper said the were 40,000 there for the pep rally.

  2. Hey Dad! Yeah, Mom ended up going and sent me some cool pics. I remember it being pretty full for the Michigan game in ’98, too…

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