Rockpool Reinvents

Hmm. Rockpool has changed format and dropped a la carte in favor of a five course degustation. Very shades of Tetsuya. At least you still get a choice for each course. Maybe the Snook and I will have to check this out… Oh, and the word through my sources, by the way, is that XO is closing in May, so if you haven’t been yet you should go. The Snook and I really enjoyed it. (Link courtesy of Sydney Food Diary.)


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  1. Hey! I’ve just come from (knitty) Amy’s blog – congratulations!!!! 🙂

  2. Hi Donna! Wow, you’re the second person to contact me about this. How did you know to come here? (The Knitty Blog doesn’t seem to have any links.) Are you just a visitor that knew we’d entered?

  3. Hi Kris
    Yeah, I’ve been lurking about for a while, and I knew you had entered. After I saw Knitty Amy’s blog, I knew it was you guys, because you’d mentioned last week that you were finalists.

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