DietBlog: I’ve jumped back on the WW wagon. Well, not so much “jumped” as “fled screaming from the scales.” Yep, I gained two kilos in October. That takes me back up to eleven lost, still with twelve to go. I’ve just had no energy, you know? And I’ve been obsessed with food, and then there was Halloween, blah blah BLAH. So I’ve turned over a new leaf. I bought a brand new tracking notebook this week and I’m religiously writing down my food. I ran for an HOUR Wednesday night and then went to my first kickboxing class in ages today. (I couldn’t quite make it all the way through due to my sore legs, but it was still a good workout.) And then this afternoon I was supposed to have my first hypnotherapy session… except the bloody woman stood me up again! That’s the second time! It did sound like a legitimate emergency though – her sister “went into premature labour” – so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, especially as she offered to squeeze me in Sunday morning before work. (Snookums jokes that maybe this is all part of the treatment, like constant anticipation and then frustration will raise my metabolism or something.) I’m also looking forward to getting our old leader Megan back at the Glebe WW meetings. Chris has been great, but I just really responded to Megan during the few sessions I had with her. Hopefully she’ll give me some more inspiration!