Halloween Photos

Enormous CrocodileHalloween photos are online!
Finally I got off my butt today and uploaded the photos from this year’s party. The highlight of the food was definitely my Enormous Crocodile as seen there on the right. It was a complete pain to make, but luckily as I was going as Hiroyuki Sakai – Iron Chef French – I was able to channel some of his “Delacroix” skill to put Mr. Crocodile together. Guest costume highlights included Facial Peel victims, bruised and bloodied nursery rhyme characters, and the Phantom’s nips. Seriously.


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  1. the food looks amazing! and by amazing, i mean disgustingly scary! oh, saw your new platinum ‘do on deskcam. looks great. i’ve been thinking of going brunette meself.

  2. Brunette Roomater? I can’t picture it.

  3. wait and see. i’ll post a photo when i finally do it.

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