New sunnies!

moblogged imageNew sunnies!
Damn, it has been hot and sunny these last few days. I’m frantically trying to get the shop website ready for the start of our Christmas sale on Saturday – Shhh! – but I took a few minutes at lunch to buy these from a dodgy geezer outside Coles. They’re supposedly “genuine Ray-Bans” and they set me back $20. (Ray-Ban is at least spelled correctly; no SORNY for me!) And can I just say, I am loving myself sick in this black tank top! I am mesmerized by the sight of my own collarbones. (Related note: I just realized I can tighten my belt to the last hole!)


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  1. I like palsonic! Makes me smirk every time.
    I need to talk to you about crocs.

  2. Kris, you look fantastic! Especially in the Thanksgiving pictures…dude, I think you should wear the crocs now. Life is short.

  3. … but is it a genuine Panaphonic??

  4. Looking good, woman!

  5. You look simply smashing. You would defintely need those glasses here because of the snow. I shovled Meg a path down the front yard to the bus this morning at 4:30 and it was 12″ and above all the way. And then they canceled school. AHHHHH
    I can’t wait to see you in those Red Crocs. I think I would like to try them myself. Love ya keep it up

  6. 12″ snow and you cancel school? Do you have any of municipal engineering?
    Snow is coming every year, it’s not a surprise. There is a technology to handle things like snow.

  7. “Municipal engineering”, Jussi? Where my Aunt lives in Indiana the town only has four stoplights. We have snow plows, sure, but plowing thirty-some square miles of country roads takes a while…

  8. You must start plowing earlier or you
    need more plowing cars (or both).
    One example from middle of Finland, roads in winter (yes, it’s a law)

    Area 19 763 km2, 30 different municipals, 5260 km of roads

    6 different levels of road
    I s
    – highest level, road is always open. salt is use all the time
    – 189 km
    – sometimes ice or snow some area, salt use if necessary
    – 235 km
    I b
    – never use salt, same level than I but somethimes more ice or snow
    – 235
    – some special roads, level is same than Ib
    – 6 km
    – road could be ice, could drive in carefullu, sand to the crossroads, normal driving is safe
    – 1230 km
    – in gold weather road is good, but when weather change driving needs carefully
    – 3195 km

    And roads are _never_ closed because of
    weather. (OK, never because of normal winter)

  9. Yeah, but Finland is significantly colder than Indiana! We can’t maintain an entire fleet of snowplows for three months of the year, especially when there are probably only 15,000 people in the whole county… 🙂

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