Trail Note

Trail Note
I recently found a new favorite jogging route. I head back through Chippendale and across Cleveland Street, turning right on Abercrombie. Eventually I hit Wilson and that takes me all the way into Newtown. It’s nice because there aren’t a lot of lights to stop at, and the houses along Wilson Street have the prettiest flowers. I’m in love with frangipanis at the moment, and there are at least half a dozen in different colour combinations along the way. There’s also one house with some amazing purple plant growing under the front fence; I’ll have to take a picture so we can identify it. The street is also pretty hilly, which I’ve sorta come to appreciate. (I’m usually warmed up by the time I get to them, so it’s not so bad.) Once I get to Newtown I can continue on to Enmore or St. Peters, and then jog back down King Street to home. I did the short circuit today in about thirty minutes flat and I actually felt progressively better throughout the run. How weird is that? The first ten minutes sucked, but by the end I didn’t want to stop. (I obviously need to warm up more thoroughly.) I think I need new shoes though. I haven’t had any repeats of my foot pain from two years ago – possibly due to the fact that I’m not running on the treadmill anymore – but I’m starting to feel some general soreness along the sides of my feet. I’ve e-mailed the Dove asking for shoe purchase guidance (as well as boot camp instruction). Bring on the 10K!

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  1. I love me some New Balance running shoes…have you tried them? They don’t make my model anymore (the bastards!) but they still rock. I cringe to spend the $100, but it is SO worth it.

  2. I use New Balance also, and I love them. Luckily, they have a factory outlet near me so I can get them on the cheap. Once you start running on a regular basis, be sure to get new sneaks every 4 months or so. It really does help prevent injuries. Here in Boston there are a couple of stores where they will actually watch you run on a treadmill and recommend a shoe type based on your gait and how you angle your feet, etc. You should see if you can find something similar in Sydney.

  3. I was New Balance all the way until I bought the Aasics Gel Kayano. It was recently awarded the 2006 Editor’s Choice running shoe by Runner’s World, and I agree with them one hundred percent. The feeling of walking/running on clouds is definitely worth it.

  4. My last pair were purchased at the Athlete’s Foot, just because I got sucked in by the commercials advertising their “fit print” thingy that you walk across. Of course, the “expert” analyzing my pressure points was a bored teenager, so I don’t think it necessarily did me much good. The Dove gave me a recommendation for these folks, so I think that’s where I’ll be going very soon. They certainly look reputable.

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