User Friendly LOTD!

UF - LOTDHoly crap; I was a User Friendly Link of the Day! I was just checking my server statistics, and geez, that’s the closest thing to a Slashdotting I’ve ever experienced. We’re talking more than triple my normal amount of hits.


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  1. Congrats! Between this and the sock monkeys, you’re on a roll! 🙂

    (As for my own stats, well, thank the Lord for google-searches…)

  2. Well, technically the sock monkeys were the link of the day… 🙂

    And I pretty quickly had a reality check. I was all anxious thinking that maybe my hosting company would get upset about the extra traffic, and then I checked my Roald Dahl site statistics. On it’s quietest day, RDF still has more than six times the traffic of w-g on it’s busiest day (two days ago). Oy vey. So three times a very small amount… still doesn’t amount to much.

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