CityRail Remixed

Boing Boing‘s been doing this thing lately where people send in transit maps from various cities with all the names replaced with anagrams. It was only a matter of time before somebody did Sydney. So, where do you live? I used to catch the train every morning from Wont New to What Noll, back when I worked near Wry Steed. And hey, there’s Rob and Amy‘s place in Roman Rat!


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  1. Pymble is ‘Pymble’? WTF?
    Why not ‘my pleb’?

  2. Apparently I live in Has Temper, just a few stops down the line from Mad Wanton Clod.

    Who would have thought that Cronulla was Local Run…

  3. Wow, the North Shore line is littered with charming places like Swollen Cot Fart. If I had to move though, I think I’d look for a place in Origami Gunk Nut.

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