Timeline of a Very Bad Day:

8:15 – Woke up an hour late because someone forgot to set the alarm.

10:00 – Accidentally deleted a significant chunk of the products on the shop website.

10:05 – Discovered that Danny’s backup system was more, um, “hypothetical” than, say, “existing.”

10:10 – Sent e-mail to website host praying they have a recent backup.

10:30 – And this is the WORST. My knitting nemesis – the old lady who runs the clinic in the shop – stopped me on her way downstairs. “I really like your hair,” she said. “Oh, thanks!” I said. “It looks much nicer,” she added over her shoulder. UM, EXCUSE ME? That is the most backhanded “compliment” I’ve ever gotten in my life.

Next I fully expect to get hit by a bus.