On a whim, I bought some KiwiBerries at the grocery store this morning and they’re currently ripening on my desk. Does anybody know how to eat these? Do I just chew them up, skin and all?


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  1. What the hell are they? Are they, like, baby kiwi fruit?

    Or is it some marketing thing? I say we go back to calling them Chinese Gooseberries.

    If they are just the same as kiwi fruit, you peel ’em and enjoy greatly! Just don’t eat the end bit. Or you can give them a good rub to get the fur off and eat skin and all (the hair sorta gets stuck in your taste buds)…

  2. Well I know how to eat a kiwi… It’s just that these are different. They’re smooth and they kinda look like green cherries. I don’t know if it’s a whole different plant or what. They feel rather squishy. I’m going to try one!

  3. Huh! Inside they’re exactly like kiwis. It’s like somebody shrunk a kiwi down and put the insides in a grape skin. Not bad!

  4. They sound great, actually! Have to keep a lookout for them…

  5. Yeah they are actually baby kiwi fruit. Is the skin edible?

  6. Well, I ate the whole punnet last night and I’m not dead yet! 🙂

    I think Rodd’s research indicated that they’re not necessarily actual kiwifruit, but they’re very closely related. The skin’s not thick or anything. I don’t think grapes are a good comparison; think more of a very tiny plum (without a pit). They’re that sort of squishiness, and the skin is pretty thin and tears easily. I know because the kiwiberries have a little spiky tuft on the bottom and I was tearing them off so as not to spike my innards, and the skin was coming away pretty easily too.

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