I am officially horrified. Is this the situation the anti-choice crowd want to have in America? Where a woman suffering an ectopic pregnancy has no choice but to wait until her her fallopian tube ruptures?


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  1. I have had an ectopic pregnancy and had to have emergency surgery. Fetuses that haven’t settled into the uterus can’t survive. But in most countires, even when abortion was illegal, ectopic pregnanices could legally be dealt with safely, provided they were diagnosed in time. Religious fanaticism knows no bounds, it appears.

  2. yes, yes they do.
    and they can get f*#ked.
    what they don’t seem to get is that women will get abortions, legal or not. ‘prolife’ advocates seems to stop short in protecting the life of women….imho

  3. If you don’t like what the radical right is doing to our country, get an absentee ballot and vote in the midterms — or, better yet, hook up with the other people in Sydney who are trying to do something about it, tonight at 7pm at the Agincourt Hotel (near Central Station). We could use the help.

  4. Thanks for the information, Scott. Unfortunately I’m booked on Tuesday nights, but I’ll check out the links you provided.

  5. damn, I just read Scott’s link…and it’s tuesday. damn. I hope it all goes well. I will check out those links.

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