Back to Work

Back to Work
Mom, Joe, and Joey left Saturday morning. Yeah, that was sad. As much as you try to prepare yourself, the sight of your four-year-old brother saying he wants to stay with you in “Ostraya” is still heartbreaking. The Snook and I cheered ourselves in the only way we could: by sitting on the couch and watching a lot of television. Seriously. We watched, like, four episodes of House, and three episodes of Lost, and eleven (ELEVEN!) episodes of Veronica Mars. I also consumed about a pound of grapes, two apples, five plums, and half a pizza. (There’s a reason I haven’t done any DietBlog posts in the past two weeks.) But we pick ourselves up and move on…

So yeah, back to work today. The Monday after vacation always sucks; the Monday after vacation when you find out that you’ve suddenly lost two members of staff that you were counting on for the busy season really sucks. Thank goodness tomorrow is a public holiday… I already need a vacation.

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  1. Ostraya, too cute.

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