Snookums and I are debating on going to this zombie thing today. No, we’re not going to dress up as zombies. We just want to make fun of the emo kids who don’t realize that zombie flash mobs are so 2005.


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  1. Too funny, my brother participated in a zombie flash mob last night before coming to my sister’s 30th b-day party with a bunch of his zombified friends. Zombie flash mob = lame. Now zombies doing karaoke…it’s like two wrongs making a right. 😉

  2. I didn’t end up going. Amy shamed me by pointing out that even if 99% of the crowd were lame teenage goth sheeple, there still might be someone who legitimately enjoys dressing up as a zombie and finds personal expression in making a spectacle out of themselves. So I swallowed my bile and went for a run instead.

  3. yeah, we got photos of poeple legitimately enjoying dressing up as zombies aaaand making spectacles of themselves 🙂

  4. It annoys me that the SMH site is using the picture of the two zombie brides, when one of the dumb girls is actually almost *smiling*. Zombies don’t smile!

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