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Post RaceThe Mother’s Day Classic Official Race Photographs are now online! (They’ve disabled direct-linking but such strategems are no match for the Snook.) They got a funny one of me running, a nice one of Snookums charging towards the finish line, and this lovely one of the two of us immediately after finishing. (I’m still not used to how I look.) Now we need to set our next challenge. I’m thinking we definitely need to do the City 2 Surf in August, which is 14km through the city out to Bondi Beach. A month after that is the Blackmores Half-Marathon, which is 21km. What do you runners think? Is four months enough time to train for a half-marathon? Or should we just make the City 2 Surf our big event for this year and do the shorter (9K) Bridge Run the month after?


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  1. You really look so thin in these photos!

  2. Kristy! You look fantastic honey! Maybe I need to check out this “Weight Watchers” thing……

  3. Rodd, of course you look good too!

  4. 4 months is plenty of time to train for a half-marathon. realistically, you can do it in 2 months. go for it!
    you look fab, BTW.

  5. Something about Rodd running a race in his shades and that vest just tickles me.

    4 months is totally enough time. You’ll do it in a breeze. (Though I still say consider some fartlek if you’re going longer distances…it sounds like you didn’t walk in your 8k, but I really think it would help you recover and keep you going longer, faster.) Besides, what better way to gear up for a marathon than doing a half? Just warning you, once you do the half you’re not going to want to quit ’til you do a full. A half will be a piece, especially if it’s in cooler weather and you’re prepared for any inclines or hills.

    Anyway, you look awesome (bitch.) 🙂

  6. No, dude, we totally walked. We made it about 5K (3 miles) without walking, but I couldn’t keep it up. So we took a few walk breaks on the last 3K. I used to do fartek on the treadmill quite a bit, but now we just do it sorta informally since we run on the road. (Like, we’ll walk at each stoplight.) I should do more of it though.

    You guys are making me seriously think about this…

    And thanks for the compliments! Yes, he ran in his shades and vest. He’s weird like that. I had to tell him to unzip it for the final stretch so they could see his number for the photos. 🙂

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