Works in Progress
Okay, as you can see I’m about halfway up the body of the Debbie Bliss Knot and Cable Jacket. (I still haven’t found a good way to photograph cables, so that’s why the picture is so dark.) I’ve modified the pattern to knit it in the round, and I added five stitches to the front to form a steek where I’m going to cut the sucker open eventually. Now I’m just in the monotonous bit going up to the armholes. Next is a baby blanket for my sister’s forthcoming sprog. (Yes, it’s a Mitred Square Blanket courtesy of Mason Dixon.) I know the stocking stitch is curling in on the sides right now, but I assure you those squares are actually squares. Don’t the colours look nice together? You can see my paper plan there, which clearly shows that despite the pink bits, the overall effect will still definitely be “boy.” I’m planning to back it with some flannel to hide the reverse.

Knot and Cable Jacket   Baby Blanket