Inner City Guild Members and Adam SpencerKnit-In 2006 Pictures
Here’s a tip: When you’re requesting a photo opportunity with a busy celebrity you’ve never met before, it’s probably best not to address them by the nickname you use for them in your head. Nevertheless, I spotted the shaved head coming our way and blurted out, “Hey, Spence! D’ya mind taking a picture with the ladies of the Inner City branch of the New South Wales Knitting Guild?” Thankfully, he was happy to oblige. So here’s Fiona, Adam, Christiane, and me (along with some non-members we were sitting with). Adam is holding my knitting, and as you can see below my casein needles kinda weirded him out. Then there’s a picture of Christiane giving a knitting lesson to Tony Eastley, respected journalist and heartthrob. Many an older lady at the Knit-In was green-eyed with jealousy at Christiane’s position. Lastly is a group photo of the Guild girls, including Vicki (and her friend whose name I can’t remember). Special thanks to Amy for taking these awesome shots, along with many more

Me and Spence Christiane and Tony Guild Members