Silent Menace
I was playing with Dr. Amy Jones the other day when I noticed that her collar was looking pretty ratty. It’s the same ol’ Friskies collar they gave us when we took her home as a kitten, and it’s not the most stylish feline accessory anymore. It also looks like it’s thinned the fur around her neck a bit too. So we decided to take it off her, and now… We have a SILENT STALKER in the house. She just appears and disappears without any warning. We’d gotten so used to her having a bell that it’s really kind of creepy now to turn around and suddenly have a cat staring at you. She, of course, loves it. And to her credit, Snookums thinks she’s lessened the intensity of her pounce attacks (because she knows she’s got the element of surprise on her side). It’s kind of fun, actually. It makes her seem more mysterious and predatorial… in a cute little cuddly-wuddly kind of way.